“Don’t Perpetuate The Stereotype”

All people have their own individualized actions specific to the group they belong to. Spending time with a group for a large amount of time can cause a person to pick up their sayings and mannerisms. These traits can be influenced by many different factors whether that be race, location, age and many other things.

I think that the most blamed factor is race. If you think of any race you could list stereotypical characteristics about them such as what they wear, what they eat or how they dress. It it obvious that race is a very controversial topic in the United States and the reason it is because that is what most people blame people’s actions on . A person acted out this way because that is what other people in their “group” or race do, it’s “how they are”. When you hear about things in the media or see it represented in movies or shows, it is usually happening because someone was wearing this or acting some way, a stereotype.

Different races have their own culture that come with specific attributes. Whites “usually” speak properly and dress nice and basic while Blacks are “usually” louder and outspoken and wear artistic clothing. If you think of the white boy at IU he is probably wearing cargo shorts, a button down and Sperry’s while you rarely ever see a similar outfit on black guys except maybe the fact that they the dope basketball shoes on. Typically white girls have the bone straight hair or sometimes a small wave while black girls have the beautiful, textured tight curls or relaxed shoulder length hair. I would say that the natural look is more in today. I have always wanted my hair to be more curly, not only because it was beautiful but also because I would have more of a chance to be recognized as Black because I had the stereotypical tight curls. My mom always makes the comment that when I iron my hair out I look like a white girl. Why can’t black girls have straight hair too?

If you see groups of people of the same race outside they might act similar but still differ. These groups could be laughing and cracking jokes but they go about it differently. I would say Black people would be the louder of the groups, everyone in the group is laughing or having input and all people are included while Whites are usually the type to get cliquey while still being part of the big group. In my opinion, Black elders are more welcoming than Whites, you say hello to a black man in Walmart they would greet you back with a genuine smile while the older white man might just say hello and keep going about his business.

If you over hear people talking, they have their own sound and lingo. White people say goofy things just like Black people do or even Mexicans. If you hear people speak formally they will even have their own accent to somethings they say. But there is an appropriate way to carry yourself in these formal settings and most people would refer to it as “acting white”. Just because you act appropriately and carry yourself in a presentable manner, who is to say you’re acting a certain way because everyone still has their own signature way they do things.

Who is to say that people are only allowed to act in the ways that are stereotypical to their race. Anyone is capable of speaking properly and dressing professionally? Why does that have to belong to a certain race or type of person?

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