There Is Only One Race…

The last few weeks of anticipation for the election a lot of people’s views have surfaced more often than usual. I have witnessed friends and families having conflicts because of their opposing opinions and views. These views on many different topics but of course the most prominent is race.

Why the hell does race have to do with every single thing in this world. It has never made sense to me. I get so annoyed and frustrated with the world yet I even catch myself doing it sometimes. When a really nice car drives by and the driver happens to be a black man, I hate that I am surprised but elated to see that because it shouldn’t be that way.

Twitter has been blowing up with videos and pictures about race and rights and things and one of the videos hit home. The video was captioned “Racism Destroyed In One Minute” and while watching it I was so moved and dumb founded by the simplicity of her statements but how they made sense. I thought she looked and sounded familiar, ironically it was Jane Elliot, the same lady whose video we watched in class. All of the feelings and clarity and frustration that I felt watching her video in class came flooding back.

Thinking back to when we watched her video about discrimination in class and how much it helped to put things in perspective about how things were and still are. It brought back my feelings of the lack of authenticity that I feel. I feel like I don’t have the privilege to identify as black or as a minority race because I haven’t directly experienced dehumanizing situations such as the one shown in the video. I wanted to do anything I could to prevent people from experiencing such a traumatic experience like that. It also made me rethink about the way I talk to people and the delivery of my words and feelings.

The video of Jane Elliot that I watched on Twitter reinforced the same feelings I felt watching the other video in class. Except this video talked about how and why real life situations of discrimination and racism happen. She talked about how people are taught to hate just like they are taught how to read. These “skills” of ignorance need to be unlearned just like you can retrain your brain to stop an addiction.

From the other side, it is going to be just as hard for Blacks to learn to accept love from other races and retrain their brain to not think everyone is against them like they have been in the past. Of course it is a lot easier said then done, I even struggle with it when I haven’t even experienced racism.

This same idea was brought to my attention when we were watching Hidden Colors in class and Brooklyn stated how she wasn’t a big fan of the views of the movie because she thought they were bashing white people. She didn’t like how White people were lumped into one group and it the fact that it was assumed they were all racist. She brought up our moms and how they were in support of Blacks. Hell, they had babies and fell in love with Black men. In my head I agreed but at the same time, I agreed with the views of Hidden Colors. Its about damn time that Blacks get the glory they deserve and have been kept from forever. Her bringing that idea up let me realize how on the fence I am about who to support and how to do so.

Watching the video on Twitter of Jane Elliot helped to bring some clarity to my thoughts. Her conclusion was that at the end of the day there is only one race and that it the human race. There is no way the world will ever have peace or be completely successful if people don’t realize this idea and stop trying to be better than everyone around them. That segment really hit home and made so much sense, how do you expect anyone, let alone the world, to succeed if everything and everyone is against each other.

I believe that all people need and deserve love to perform at their highest ability and why does it freaking matter what they look like or where they came from????!!!!!! Educate them and yourself and you’ll be so surprised how you both grow.

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