Interesting attributes about three teammates and one LF

I was recently invited to the andela boot camp. Yes, one of the most rigorous training processes I have been involved in. The process involves working in teams as each member is assigned a team to work with. Here am happy to share one of the most interesting attributes about three teammates I have worked with.

First, my LF whom I have been interacting with proactively through slack. He has been always available in that whenever I access the slack account I find him online and even in instances where he is not on it does not take him long to reply to my concerns. My LF has also been so helpful in my progress at the boot camp by giving some feedback on areas that I need to improve. My LF has also been encouraging by appreciating all the good work done which also makes him a motivational person because whenever you are encouraged you get motivated to accomplish particular tasks.

Now, Armstrong, you can also call him soultech. There is alot to say about this teammate but to mention but a few. He is a team player, you will always find him on slack giving solutions to boot camper’s and to fellow teammates. He likes sharing because I realized that whenever he learns something new he posts it on slack for everyone’s benefit. Armstrong also seems to always have a solution for almost anything, he always gives solutions to almost any boot camper who posts their challenge on slack

Then Effie, very interesting person she likes teaching others when she has learnt about something she surely does share, she is also friendly and very open with others. On the other hand, she also loves learning because she is inquisitive and a good listener

Lastly Frank, first of all, it’s so interesting that we share the same name with him that when another person calls him I mistakenly think it's me or I ignore someone calling me thinking that it's him being called. Like the rest, Frank likes helping out whenever you reach out to him with a challenge, he shows passion in whatever he does and he’s also a friendly person.

There is really a lot to write about these individuals and also there are more to the group that I would have written about but since am limited to three let me rest my case here and wish all the reader’s the best.