What if Human Connection was the next Technology…

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Yesterday I went to a breakfast with the “culture hacking” team at Octo Technology. What I like about Octo is their willingness to use technology as a way to create more human connections.
I’ve always been fascinated by technology and feelings. Technology has polarity sides : 
# the potential to connect us to our emotions and to create desires for human connections.
# the potential to disconnect us from our feelings and create desires to stay alone.

I’m not able to explain that yet. I’m often talking about Oxytocin, our connection hormone. It may just be that hormone we produce that keeps us attached in our culture as science have showed that people with low oxytocin want to be alone…

Everything starts from one of my personal secrets…

I grew up being the eldest of a 3 girls family. My younger sisters are twins. Living in a small town in Brittany, everybody knew about my twin sisters as a fascinating phenomena. Nobody was able to recognize them young outside my parents and I. I was called “the sister of the twins”. Twins are fascinating.
And I’ve been jealous for years about my sisters “limbic connection”. We could play any game in family (intellectual or not), as soon as my sister were in the same team, they were going to win. Not because they were better at playing the game, but because they were connected limbically. There’s this brain connection that gives an ability to feel each other at a deeper level.

I used to feel more conscious about their deep connection than they were actually themselves. My sisters could have played with their ability to fell each others and play with it many times. They chose to distinguish themselves as much as possible as. I would have used tricks to play with it :-)!

Later during college, I became passionated about genetics. I wanted to understand everything about how you can decode the body genome. I ended up doing Bioinformatics studies for that reason and started working as a data-manager for biotechnologies companies in Montreal.
I falled in love in Montreal, quit my job to develop a web project in south america with my boyfriend and an e-commerce business back in France. Life brought me on an “e-commerce path” for years until I decided to move in San Francisco, discovered the Orgasmic Meditation practice and became interested in “body & technology” again.

What if the next Internet was limbic ?

Nothing interests me more than human connection. 
Human connection depends on empathy and the capacity to feel each other. I’m constantly wondering how to develop the capacity to feel each other more in our technological culture ?

What if we had a technology to create physical connection the way internet has created virtual connections ?

What if it was the way to make our technological world pleasurable and connected ?

From Technology to “Orgasm”!

One of the reason why I’m practicing and teaching the Orgasmic Meditation is because it’s a way to redefine the word “Orgasm” and move from the finite perspective in our society to an infinite one.

I’ve been challenged recently about my life purpose. Why did I choose this path, why do I keep moving forward in that direction ?
Recently my dear coach Justine from San Francisco came to Paris and asked me “Why are you doing what you’re doing ?” What came was “to free myself in my sexuality to inspire people to do the same and develop the capacity to feel each other more that way”. Cause once I’m leaving around people able to feel me, I am able to surrender, be fully myself and love deeply.
And we all want to love and be loved. That’s what makes us alive and being alive is our natural function.

By nature, the “Orgasm” state is a state of feeling, and in order to access it with another person we must be able to feel each other.
Our brains are designed to feel others people feelings. When we are around people, we are impacted no matter what by others feelings, consciously or unconsciously. For many of us, we avoid accessing those feelings using compliance. We try to please our partner by performing or conforming in a way. But it is impossible to feel and perform at the same time.

So why do I keep being interested in technologies ?

I want to bring practices in tech organisations to develop our capacity to feel each other at a deeper level.
I want to make a better world co-creating from a feeling based perspective before the analytical one. 
Bringing people to feel each other more right now will be the key for organisations to create strong and sustainable cultures tomorrow. 
And as we’re moving from a hierarchical model to a more horizontal and community based model, the more we’ll learn how to feel each other, the faster we will be able to operate from a team approach rather than personalities approaches.

What if human connection was at a point to disrupt technologies becoming a technology itself ? What if it was the next industry ?

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