©Adeolu Emmanuel Adesanya

Smile if the world frowns at you

Smile if the rain fails to stop

Smile if the sun ceases to shine

Smile if all you want to do is cry

Smile through your heartaches

Smile through tears on your face

Smile through the pains and shame

Smile through all the smirks

Smile to breathe life into dreams

Smile to bid farewell into fears

Smile to turn nights into days

Smile to make all wrongs rights

Smile and create a world anew

Smile and be the best of you

Smile and recreate smiles around

Smile and let joy abound

Smile when friends turn to foes

Smile when dismayed and down

Smile when doors are shut

Smile when you don’t want to smile

Smile, like love, it needs no language

Smile, like stars, it makes you shine

Smile, like a child, pure and innocent

Smile, like me, as I smile like you.