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OKOIN is the native currency of the OKO platform. A decentralized market place exclusively for the trading of adults goods and services.
 You can access the platform through their VR (Virtual Reality) headset, and their movies, chats and games are created for this medium.

So be ready to experience and enjoy adult content in a brand new and exciting way!!!

Right now there are lot of problems in the adult industry that the incorporation of blockchain could fix.

.First of all it will allow for anonymity of anyone trading in the platform .It will protect intelectual property of anyone involved and by the use of smart contracts no one will be left out of the royalty distribution .It will be decentralized and not regulated as much as the usual channels

.It will take the middle man out of the picture and leave just the suppliers and the consumers to both enjoy and profit from the platform

The platform will allow to get the content out to anyone anywhere in the world, it will incentive the creation of more interactive VR content, as well as provide a crowd founding service for both suppliers and consumers.

Basically users will be able to offer their coins for a project to get made, and once it does royalties will be payed for the early investors.

So now you can not only enjoy the adult content but also help to get it made and get some of the profits from it. This alone I think is genius and could be massive, and a great long term investment.

So that is an overview of the company and it’s aim, just as a disclaimer I am NOT a financial adviser and you should do your own research before investing. However as a personal opinion and an investor in the project I do believe in the long term potential and I think it can do really good, after all… It’s Virtual Reality Porn… In the Blockchain!!!

So, now let’s check how the ICO is doing so far, giving that is only a couple of days of finishing:

As you can see in the image above the price per token has grown from 1$ to the now 2.7$ and the minimum investment is only 1 token, so virtually no price of entry at all.

Most of the tokens are available on the sale (35%) While some of them are reserved for the team and some key partners (30% total) 25% are reserved for the ecosystem devlopment

And there are also a 2% reserve found just in case for emergencies

This looks pretty normal as you can find many ICO’s with the same percentages. I do like that a lot of the tokens will be used to develop the platform, as that will determine if the company (and by extension the token) is ultimately successful.

I also believe that the 15% for key partners is a good move, since the platform will only attract users if there’s quality content on it, and a proper incentive would make this much, much easier. As the platform get’s more users this will also attract advertisers, and in order for them to promote their offers they will have to buy OKOIN, generating more demand and driving the price up profiting investors and suppliers. This will create more funds to invest in projects which will attract more users.

So a nice cycle could emerge where the growth of the platform could turn exponential, and of course, as always, those who got there early will be the one benefiting the most.

I see this as a long term Hodling Token with the potential of a massive upside.

Right now they are offering some nice rewards for medium and big investments: 30% for 1 to 5 ETH 40% for 5 to 8 ETH

and 50% for 8+

They have raised over 20 million dollars, which a bit away of their hard cap (80 million) but it’s nothing to be ashamed of, as it should be plenty to follow their road map and bring this platform to life. Specially considering that the VR is already available for purchasing at:
 And it already has more than 500 titles for you to enjoy ;)

There is no much time left to get in on OKOIN as their ICO is set to finish in the 14th of January. I am very excited to see what happens and if they are able to fulfill their promises.

Again, I am not a financial adviser and you should do your own research before investing (ALWAYS!)

Here is the link to check it for yourself and to participate in the crwodsale if you so desire :)

See you in the next one!!!

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Originally published at on January 12, 2018.