Porn company opens VR-rooms in Tokyo

[Image: Akiba PC Hotline]

Japan’s most unfortunately named porn company Soft On Demand is offering virtual sexy time at its newly opened location in Tokyo’s Akihabara.

The establishment’s billboard states that Soft On Demand is offering a “fulfilling environment,” “cleanliness,” and views hotels as its rivals.

The locale rents rooms where folks can watch porn (dvds!), read manga, and surf the net in little rooms.

According to website Akiba PC Hotline, the SOD VR experience lets visitors enjoy a porn star in full immerse virtual reality, googles and all.

Akiba PC Hotline reports that there’s currently a grand opening campaign for this location, with per hour rental booths offering VR for free for a limited time only.

[Image: Akiba PC Hotline]

One hour is 550 yen (US$4.70), and a full-day course is 3,150 yen ($26.90).

In case you are wondering, the rooms are soundproofed. You know, in case the manga reading gets loud.

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Credit: Brian Ashcraft

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