My Experience in Andela Bootcamp (Day 3)

Today is my third day in Andela bootcamp, a journey to becoming a world class software Engineer. Andela Bootcamp program is the last stage for prospective Andelas who have passed the first and second stages (home study curriculum/online Lab Test and interview) required to become an Andela fellow.

We were given three tasks to complete before 5pm: Two coding Lab tasks (function reverseString and function findMissing), and Front-End Development task. The function reverseString is a function that takes an array of strings and return the string in a reverse order. The function findMissing takes two arrays of integers and return their difference while the Front-End Development task, we were ask to clone any website of our choice.

The journey so far to this day three (3) was not easy, but I can confidently say I have learnt a lot. Some of the new things I have learnt so far includes: Git System, Running program codes with Jasmine, coding in Javascript, building relationship, collaboration and lots more.

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