Content Strategy connects real content to real people


Before we can talk about how content strategy works, we need to introduce what we refer to as “the quad” -an image that displays the critical components of content strategy. These are the thing that affect whether or not your content ends up usable and valuable, both to your users and your business.

“The Quad”

At the very center is the core content strategy . This defines how an organization (or project) will use content to achieve its objectives and meet user needs.

The core strategy informs what the content will be and how it will be structured:

  • Substance: What kinds of content do we need (topics, types, sources,etc.)? What messages does content need to communicate to our audience?
  • Structure: How is content prioritized, organizaed, formatted, and displayed?

The core content strategy also informs how people (specifically content owners and overseers) will help drive the content lifecycle:

  • Worflow: What processes, tools, and human resources are required for content initiatives to launch succesfully and maintain ongoing quality?
  • Governance: How are key decisions about content and content strategy made? How are changes initiated and communicated?

The relatonship between substance and structure is fairly implicit: when you add content to a website, for example, the structure of that website might change. But what about how that new content will impact workflow? Does anyone need to review changes before they can go live? What happens if the content goes live and it’s incorrect? Whos responsible for maintaining the new content? You get the point:


That connection is key to getting your content right