Three interesting colleagues I have met in this Bootcamp

Everyday, we come across different people in life and build friendships from such encounters. Some of which, last for a life time while others, for a short time. Meeting new people is inevitable, some you would find with an interesting character while others, a different character than you would have expected. Whether a person chooses not to have friends, he or she cannot help meeting people as life goes on.

During the Andela bootcamp, I interacted with many people but three of which I found the most interesting. The first of them is a gentleman I met during the interview process, Hafeez Oluwajuwon, one thing that struck me about this man was his approach to life. He can be described as an extremely positive person, he had a different outlook to life compared to most people I have met in the past. Also, he is quite knowledgeable about so many things so there is a lot to be learnt from him.

The second most interesting person is Ucheya Okereke, though, we have not interacted as I would have wanted. The first thing I noticed about her is her voice — quite orotund. Also, she is a person that can easily turn a boring situation into a funny one. Besides her voice and her interesting behavior, she is also an intelligent lady, always wanting to learn and give her all into the work given to us. She also seem to be a good team player, always ready to share her knowledge with everyone.

Lastly is Anaeze Nsoffor, a very funny guy and also an arsenal fan. When he is not coding, he talks about football with anyone interested. Meeting this people have made my bootcamp experience much more better than I expected. Though, I look forward to meeting more people during this program.

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