UM-USDC Proof-of-Liquidity Farming pools allow anyone to provide liquidity by adding their assets to a pool. Add liquidity to receive Liquidity Provider tokens (LP tokens), go stake your LP tokens for more UM rewards.

How to add liquidity to UM-USDC liquidity pool

1.Go to ‘Raydium’ website https://raydium.io/, navigate to the ‘Pools’ tab on the app and connect your wallet.

2. Search ‘UM-USDC’ and select the UM-USDC liquidity pools you wish to add to.

3. Please be aware that you must add liquidity to the pool in the form of two tokens at a 1:1 ratio according to USDC value. Enter the amount of UM you wish to add, the second coin (USDC) will adjust according to match a 1:1 ratio. Then click ‘Add Liquidity’. You will then need to approve the transaction in your wallet.

4. You should see a confirmation for the transaction. You should now be able to view your LP tokens in your wallet balance.

5. You have now successfully added to UM-USDC liquidity pool. That’s it, you’re now a liquidity provider of UM-USDC liquidity pool!

Official links

globe_with_meridians Official website: https://unclemine.org/
book Official whitepaper: https://wiki.unclemine.org/
bird Official twitter: https://twitter.com/uncleminenews
Official telegram: https://t.me/UncleMine

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