Is it possible for someone to block a full-powered roundhouse kick or a spinning wheel kick, or will it fracture his arm?

Have you ever seen a longshoreman brake a multi-ton load swinging from a crane, then land it in precisely the right spot? It’s the same idea. You don’t set yourself to block — you’re not a wall; you absorb and redirect. And once that energy is absorbed, you trap and control.

A full-powered roundhouse kick… that’s what, a hundred pounds of force at most, with very little inertia behind it? That’s not impressive, except in movies. Even if you have great speed and timing, it’s one of the slowest, stupidest things you can do in a fight; a show move. Commit that much of your energy to any one strike, and any sort of redirection or trap will plant your dick in the dirt.

Spend most of your time working on your defense, grasshopper, and don’t go sticking your feet in risky places. An elbow at the right time will snap that fibula like a twig, and that’s not a lesson you want to learn on your own body.

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