Earning from your passion!

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a solutions provider! Yes, I know that in itself sounds not just ambiguous but is also a cliche. I set out to register my first company (a consulting firm) with a partner but we were defrauded by our lawyer and so we moved on. Four years later, after getting involved with a couple off startups from production, to design then importation, the inner desire to fulfill purpose came alive again in me…I wanted to solve problems particularly in the business and development sector.

I went ahead and started another company which was solely for solutions consulting and in a couple of months after rendering my services for free for marketing purpose, I became innovative this time around and started getting request to proffer solutions for mostly small startups.

What I discovered from this experience is that; no matter what line of business or career you find yourself in, you can only be satisfied and fulfilled in an area that satisfies your passion, not to mention the effortless ways you will execute the tasks that come your way, why? Because it is part of you!

So far i have been able to brand a couple of startups along with proffer solutions to their various problems usually associated with setting out and all these experiences have increased my professional acquaintance to the point of me getting requests for partnerships regarding for startup training.

In summary, learn to earn from your passion and it will be the best form of career you can ever have!

Passion for what i do!