He was already eating and won’t for anything purse or trade this moment. He has found one of the best chef in the world and he solely finds great delight in her traditional delicacies.

After few minutes of wrestling and easily defeating the well prepared bush meats and licking off the soup on his fingers and throwing some wraps of fufu into his stomach through his mouth, he discovered that there were some strange colored leaves in the soup.
With his two fingers he picked a piece of the leaf, just like an Asian picking up his Sushi with two sticks into his mouth. But this time, it was not his mouth but close to his nose and later to his eyes to examine what he has already consumed into his system.

He couldn't label the leaf in between his fingers so he reached out to his wife and said "honey, what type of leaf is this that you used for this soup? ".

Truly, one of the things that attracted her to him was her genuine smile. She can smile for Bayelsa. 
"Ebiere, would you answer me?", he said that with a calm smooth voice, and being a man that has a deep and clear voice, his voice has always been a propeller to make his wife smile the more.

She moved forward to him and pressed her big rounded breasts against her husband’s back, with one of her hands strolling down his chest.
Apparently, she got married to a patience and a core gentle man.

Finally she spoke out; "my love, na the plenty leaves wey you bring come give me this afternoon na I use cook the soup"... she ended her sentence with a smile as usual but could not capture her husband heart this time.

" you did what?! " he questioned, still maintaining his calmness. 
At that moment he had different options and choices to make which are; to get angry, shout at her and call her names, push her aside and walk away, etcetera.

As these thoughts were ringing in his mind within a split second, he didn’t know how to explain to her that what she calls. leaves are flowers he bought for her early that day- he had left the office during lunch to get his wife some flowers from the flower shop and rush back to work.

But on a second thought, she is not to be blamed as she was brought to him as a wife from his village... And there has been a great difference, now and then. No doubt, he might have married a Bush girl but she has most enviable character that he longs for in a woman, and he is ready to Tush her up... 
He does not care how long it takes him to teach her... He is willing and not ashamed because she is teachable...

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