Developer Circles visit to Niger State

Before i begin, i would like to remind us that Every moment is an audition. In the context of this prelude, i was one of the few that was excited about the prospects of hosting this guys from Dev. circles from Kano because i applied sometime this year but was told to be patient.

They came and saw our efforts in the tech. ecosystem which can be improved. They were led by Mr. Aminu who introduced the aim and objectives of Developers circles from Facebook and had alot of great stuff that was introduced to the community.

Amongst the great products was the developers console on facebook where you find Graph API which can help in getting user data like location, date of birth, etc represented in JSON format (JavaScript Object Notation) after permission have been granted.

The significance of React, a JavaScript library in building user interface was stressed while also comparing JSX and normal JavaScript snippets.

It was an honour to have been a host to this great initiative from Facebook and while we keep our hopes high on having a dev. Circles in Minna, It was stressed that our MinnaTechMeetup can be supported when and if we seek support from this group. Thank you for choosing Minna,Niger State and we look forward to 2018 knowing that it will be better.

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