Travel with bitcoins

In 2009 Bitcoin was introduced to the public for the first time. This cryptocurrency has left an ambiguous impression — some claimed that bitcoin is the currency of tomorrow, while other predicted currency the sudden decrease. However, after eight years, bitcoin is gaining popularity, growing in price, and extending the sphere of influence.

If at the early days of this currency only a couple of merchants were ready to work with it, today there are hundreds of services and companies globally that are happy to provide their goods and services for bitcoins.

For instance, it is no longer an impossible idea to go on vacation having nothing but cryptocurrency on your hands. From airplane ticket to a dinner in a foreign restaurant — you can pay for it with bitcoins. Need a place to stay? Cryptocurrency is accepted not only by large hotel networks but also by hostels and homestay networks. Want to stay flexible on your trip? Rent a car and pay for it with the digital currency. There is no need to calculate all expenses in foreign currency, keep track of exchange rate, or to get foreign cash. Just pay with bitcoins — it is accepted around the world and the exchange rate stays the same no matter where you are.

How do you like to pay in foreign countries?

  • I exchange some cash
  • I pay with bank card
  • I use cryptocurrency