Project 1


An App that allows you to find a buddy to enjoy running with.

Client : Emma

Timeframe: 1 week

Skills required: user research, interviews, concept mapping, participatory design, user flows, scatching interfaces,paper prototyping, clickable prototyping, usability test.

Who is Emma?

Interviewing Emma I found out that:

Emma didn’t like her previous job, cause she wanted to do more things and get involved more.She had to work too long hours, often without lunch break. Her day could start at 9am and finish at 11pm, leaving no time for anything else.She was working with UX designers close before, and she liked it. So she decided to become UX designer as well. She also lives in Leyton. So, she had to cycle around 10 min to reach the station, and than change twice which means it took her long time to get to central London or elsewhere — very time consuming. Also, Emma doesn’t like underground, lifts, busy roads, which means , she didn’t enjoy her long journey either. She likes open spaces, fresh air, parks, etc,. this makes her think, that she doesn’t like London. She bought the house recently. It was hard to find info about buying property. Now, she finds it really hard to find correct people to do the house, constracters and builders that she can trust, and can do quality job for reasonable price.

Emma likes printing on paper, cycling, running, reading books, she is using pinterest for inspiration.

Concept map:

I had 3 ideas for an app for Emma: shopping app, find a builder app, running app. As there are already so many existing apps about shopping and building, we decided to create running app.

Root problem:

Emma likes to run, it makes her happy. But by the time she gets home from work, in London, quiet often it is already dark. She does not find it safe to run on her own. She tried to run with her boyfriend or friend, but he is too pushy, or friend is too slow, or lives too far, or is not available. Other people are too chatty or roads are too busy… the experience is not pleasurable, so Emma is dissapointed and stays home.

Storyboard: as is

Emma does realise, that she is not the only person in London, who has this problem. But how does she find a person, who can run with her at the same time, area, and running pace? For sure there are lots of people in this busy city, who would enjoy running with her, but where are they?

Story board: to be

I scatched userflows to analyse and understand situation better:

as is
to be

Emma also pointed out, that she would like to know where the water fountains are located, and she wants to be discrete (no phone numbers, address).

After processing and analising all received information I did some testings and came to conclusion.

Her 3 main factors are: location, time and pace. After user is entering this info, she can see other runners, which matched her enquiry. She can choose anyone and have a look at their profile, which contains info about: name, age, gender, picture, area, pace, about, how many friend within the app, how many runs with an app, other sport activities they do, there playlist. If she likes the person, next step is contacting the potential running buddy. she can send a message, which can contain: points A — — — B (where from and destination), time (+/-option), route (visible map possible, water fountains upon request), weather forecast. And whatever info user would like to share, phone number if they wish to). Voice option possible.

None of the fields are mandatory on screen 1. So search is going to vary depending on amount of info the user enters (or whatever is a priority for the user in the moment)

User can also post and ad (message) without an enquiry. The app is working vise versa. The app also has screensaver, navigation, heartrate, distance ran, calories burnt.

In the future we could add star friends, never again(black list), calendar (to keep a track of achievements and goals), favourite routs etc.

Emma loved RunMeApp, she said she would definitely use it. Plus today I showed it to my friend, and he said, that he can not wait for it to be developed, thats exactly what he needs! OOOh people, You make me so happy!

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