8 simple rules for effective meetings

Oktay Acikalin
Jun 1, 2016 · 2 min read
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Are you struggling from ineffective, time-robbing and never-ending meetings?

Then you should try these 8 simple rules for effective meetings:

  1. Use a calendar app. This helps planning and not forgetting it.
  2. Have a simple and constructive agenda. Send invitations including the agenda. Engage people by asking questions upfront if something is off or unclear.
  3. Keep it short. Most things can be discussed in 10–25 minutes. Block some time at the end for saving your current stuff and preparing for the next task. E.g. 25m + 5m, 50m + 10m, 3.5h + 30m, 7h + 1h
  4. Add the location. Always add some buffer before the meeting starts. Google Now will tell you when you have to get yourself going. Edit the suggestion and ensure some extra time for traffic, parking etc..
  5. Prepare by writing down questions, suggestions and other hints. Make sure you communicate what you’ve written down before — don’t let it go.
  6. Take notes while and after a meeting. Even if you’ll never take a look at your notes again, your brain will remember the content more likely.
  7. Don’t steal other people’s time. If you don’t have anything to say — be quiet. Don’t distract the others.
  8. Silence your smartphone.
  9. Don’t do meetings. Only if it’s really important. See no. 7 above.

Ok, I lied. But I think no. 9 is worth it. It’s probably the most important rule of all.

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