Please know how your business performs

Say you are a provider/creator in the business-to-business (B2B) area . One day a potential client comes along. The first conversations went all pretty nice and cheerful. But at some point you notice the client is not following your conversation along, instead asking for general, risky recommendations — which he might later on make you responsible for. Your gut senses the upcoming danger.

Today I heard it again. A client running a shop — only knowing how many customers and products it has — asking for what hardware would be necessary for “running it well”. The problem is that the client did not care about how many times the web-service is being accessed per day, nor how many active customers it has, neither how many transactions it makes. All of them are important KPIs.

If you know anything about running a business, you also should know that it’s very important to gather data about how many customers are normally accessing your business and later on are actually buying something from it. A business not generating controlled revenue is not a business — it’s a hobby.

Please, if you ask people to help you on your business, do your homework first — at least let someone else help you on doing it for you — don’t ignore it.

You should know your KPIs.