M for Motherhood — The ABC’s Series

Motherhood did as much good for me as it did bad.

The Good

It opened my eyes to pure emotions, pure relationships and interactions. I learned it from not just my own child, but also the children I get to interact with through daycare. Their demands, reactions are all pure, direct, and unfiltered. All they really want and need is love, in the form of hugs, kisses, and food.

Beyond My Baby

I have been lucky to be surrounded by loving babies and toddlers.

L always come to mind in this category for me. His temperament is more on the shy/ slow to warm up spectrum but over the years I have received many unrequested hugs from him. Once, in the infant room, he came up to me from behind, as I was trying to chase T down into jackets and shoes, and hugged me/ leaned onto my back. He was very comfortable with me and happy to share the space. Going into toddlerhood, he often comes up to greet me, share with me what he’s working on and, of course, plenty of hugs.

S is also a super loving one (perhaps helped by being the younger of 2 sisters). When T first arrived in the toddler room, she was super friendly and came up to greet us warmly. I have also received many smiles, hugs and sharing of work from her.

For bringing all of the unconditional love I have received, I thank all mothers.

The Bad

In contrast, my interactions with other adults felt very filtered. With the exception of very close friends, every interaction is a transaction with lots of underlying desires and expectations. That drove me back to my introversion tendencies. I relish spending time completely alone, free from interactions, obligations, expectations, observations.

Originally published at Ok to be Imperfect.

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