About OmiseGo’s Air Drop




※OmiseGo ‘s airdrop does not do any particular operation.
Please pay attention to frequent fraud.

Well, on 8/7 and 8/23 they each issued a statement on airdrop from the official.At the time of ICO it was decided to do 5% airdrop on a whitepaper.
Recently, there are many websites openly singing with annoying URLs, but OmiseGo’s Airdrop has already been confirmed and there is no need to take action.In other words, when asked for input such as a wallet address, suspect that it is a fraudulent site.

“In this AirDrop, OMGs will be distributed to 450,000 account holders, but from the big Ethereum community, the OMG that each can receive is very insignificant as the current value of itself It is pretended that things will become things.Airdrop is confident that we are exciting about our OmiseGO team and the create community and respectfully to the Ethereum Society, OmiseGO by AirDrop is the goal PoS buddy that does not require public permission to more people It is a very important effort to achieve the objective of broadening the possibilities even by participating in the OMG plasma chain.”

OmiseGo airdrop schedule

# 3988888 Scheduled to be distributed by block wallet has been specified as of July 7 (about 450,000)

Wallet balance is airdrop for target of 0.1 ETH or more.

Distribution will start from September 4 and it will take about a week.

As of August 28, about 140 million OMG tokens have been issued.
Among them, 5% 7,012,270 OMG is scheduled to be distributed by airdrop.

We would like to show respect for the Ethereum community and the obligation for that benefit via AirDrop of this OMG token even though we can not return all the benefits as well as having received a great deal of benefit .

Thoughts about Airdrop are spelled out, it is a project that has been involved with the ETH team from the beginning, and it is carried out to show respect and pleasure.

In order to realize OMG’s ecosystem, not only smart-contract but also lightning network and Plasma become necessary.
I personally think that it is very important how to incorporate ETH’s second layer in the ecosystem. As an E-wallet service that will spread in the world in the future, OMG will emerge as well as the transaction of 450,000 accounts The data on how much time is required for processing is also meaningful.

This time, scam sites frequently occurred, there may have been confusion of information.
I believe that realizing the OMG ecosystem will be an approach to attract people who are skeptical about the cryptographic currency market at the moment.

This is a highly secure wallet that you can send via P2P and it will be very useful if you have a service that can manage Fiat and Crypto.

Thank you for reading.

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