How and why I start bullet journal

I have been keen on trying a bullet journal and I finally start recently. After coming across different failures from past few weeks I finally find a solution that really suits me.

I like this system a lot because you start from a blank page and you can design it one your own. Allocating space for each day according to your own needs. This is what makes your journal special, no matter how it looks it always be most handy for you.

It is good to have a journal that functions the same ways as your brain does.

At the same time there is a great community that people are sharing ideas and their spreads, sparking ideas for you to try and improve your journal. This is also the reason I finally start to try this system.

I have been doing this since the first day till now, half a month non stop. I do it everyday no matter when I arrive home after school or work. It can be nicely designed but it won’t be a pressure if you just keep it simple. So I can keep on doing this even during the busiest days and use it to relieve pressure.

It also makes everything in my life better organised. Together with my planner I can easily managed all the task from private daily life and my school life. I start to have less time forgetting task and meetings. I also find more time for myself. I am so glad that I come across bullet journal and decide to start.

Sharing my bullet journal spread on tumblr:@soramiyt