My health log

As a final year undergraduate, the final year project is the most important thing in the year. Also most time and health consuming.

Time and health are both important assets to your life.

I find out I health is getting worse and I just started the year for two months. To solve the problem I decided to start a daily health and menu log. I am doing it on the hobonichi weeks which as been put aside after I started the bullet journal.

It helps me keep track of my daily life from meals to exercise. Along with my planner. I can clearly see how my planning affect my health and how to adjust the plan for next week. Further help me strike a better work life balance.

Time and health are not money. It is hard to earn them back once you wasted too much.

I put my spread on my tumblr: soramiyt. I won’t say I did it very well as I am still testing to find the best way. Just as a sharing.