I’d replace my blog with Medium if it would have RSS

I have a blog. Sometimes I write really good blog posts like this one about “What does ‘it’s a good start’ really mean”, and other times what I write is crap.

But RSS is a two-edged sword for my blog. I feel that it’s its core strength and its main limitation at the same time.

The explicit act of following my RSS feed is very powerful

My RSS audience are people that care enough about me to watch everything that I say. They went through the trouble of adding my feed to their reader.

Think about what that says about those people.

Most of them are my “fans”, my personal brand advocates. They are the small core audience that’s sometimes the tipping point for a wider distribution.

They like *me* enough to follow *me*, and because they frame my content through this lens, they will be so much more forgiving of it, and so much more willing and helpful to distribute it further.

Exposure to new audiences is powerful too, but complementary

I feel that this is what Medium offers me that my blog does not: new audiences for which my content could be relevant.

But while this is indeed a great value proposition, I can’t give up my personal brand advocates for it. It’s an audience too powerful once it’s built to ignore it.

Hard to build this audience as it might be, they are the ones that will be there for me when I will need them.

So… when will we have RSS? :-)