[414] Pain isn’t [Just] Painful:

And if you’re out there and you’ve ever felt pain, I want you to understand that the narrative about pain being [just] painful isn’t wholesome.

That’d be making less of an emotion. Like the tale of anger being all evil.

Untrue tale, that!

Wholesome would be telling you that pain is painful and it’s meant to be felt — as is love. If love for someone makes you strive to be better, pain should cause you to go full throttle.

Feel it.

Let it tear you apart, rip your heart to shards.

Let the shards prick every part of you, drain the blood off you.

First in droplets, then in gushes.

Cause you to be weak. Cause you to feel you slip away sooner.

Feel the pain between your lips, chew her.

Confine you to the bed and try to get back as you were.

Lay still for days. Weeks. Months. Give pain the time due her.

Clutch your heart like a dying piece of you.

Drag yourself from the bed and get struck down because of the log of bamboo on you.

I know that was a bam, boo.

Keep the drag going — rinse and repeat.

And when the pain gets to the peak and starts the decline, channel it positively for you.

You’ve paid the devil’s due.

It’s time to stand like a Zulu.

And when you eventually do stand, look into the mirror and tell the one in the mirror, “It’s a bell curve. Always!”

This is a poem I’m working on for a collection; should be the 5th/6th poem since November, ‘16. 2nd/3rd draft from early noon yesterday.

Image Credit: VantagePointRecovery.com