Want an even life? Beat the odds.

An orderly life, I presume is the most sought after. Precision can better any odd. The challenge here is, being precise. Great judgements makes precision possible.

How can one judge precisely?

Life becomes challenging or enjoying with the decisions we make. Your ability to avoid complexity depends on your level of understanding the situation at play. In other words, your ability to understand the odds is an opportunity for a better judgement.

I believe we need simplicity. Do things as they are supposed to be done. Add that special touch but avoid extra work. Sophistication is extra work. Extra here is more. And more is susceptible to errors.

Time is not yours to control. But remember, every decision is yours to time. Whether dependent or not, we are solely responsible for our judgements, either good or bad.

In all this we have all the knowledge available to combat the factors that makes life challenging.

Be a judge of situations and not of people. The bonus is,bringing the best out of situations can bring the best out of people.