For a start

I am 35 years old, mother of a teenage kid, single despite being married. Looks like a mess, ugh? I am working as a researcher and at some point decided to live a experimental life. Starting family earlier that one should. Studying the most unpractical things for seven years (ancient languages and modern literature) just to twist everything and decided to go for research career. Going through jobs as assistant in a construction company, art model and project manager in research agency…and so on…

I have never dedicated to any specific topic or area of research. Usually I select the topics intuitively and then decide what to chase after, what to make a job and what to put (temporary/for ever) deep in drawers (of desk that I never had). After all those years I have tons of notes, several started and not published articles, many ideas that never came real. Always chasing after new jobs, looking after my kid and trying to figure out how to live in a foreign country takes A LOT of time. Busy with learning languages never managed to learn any on high level BUT the good part is that I understand quite many of European ones. (I am not English native, so you will have to excuse mistakes — hope sometimes creative and refreshing).

During all those years my research circulated around migration, learning, human connectivity. I was trying to understand what makes one ready to move up to the big world and realised just recently that I was preparing myself for a move towards contemporary nomadism. Does it mean life without anchors? (well, I am trying to keep the home warm for my kid). Does it mean being dandy, blasé and travelling the world (never been outside of good, old Europe)? Or its just when you enjoy living with a suitcase close to your pillow (or just facing hard reality, when you spend most of your cash on tickets and even Paypal starts sending you special travel offers)? Is it only reserved for young people from privileged North ( I am neither)?

The idea behind this blog is to write/ publish daily and to see what this writing will reveal about me and my interests (private and professional). I is an experiment to check if I can put structure on something that so far was drifting in an ocean like a shoal of krill.