Introducing the Ola Ambassador Program: Phase 1

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The Ola Ambassador Program is a distinctive initiative created to distribute and enhance knowledge of Ola and ZK-ZKVM globally.

Our goal with this program is to recognize and collaborate with exceptional members of the Ola community worldwide who have the potential to make a significant impact on the blockchain ecosystem.


Community members that are interested in contributing to the Ola community and representing Ola on their local campus and communities can now apply to join Phase 1 of the Ola Ambassador Program here. Students, university-based blockchain clubs and developers could stay tuned for the next launch phase.

Phase 1 — Community members: Ongoing

Phase 2 — Individuals (Developers, Students), University-based Clubs: 2024

Core Attributes

We are excited to announce the official launch of Phase 1 of the Ola Ambassador Program! If you’re accepted, you’ll be part of a collaborative group focused on building, learning, and spreading the word about Ola. As an Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to grow professionally by creating content, hosting in-person events funded by Ola, and more. For Phase 1, Ola ambassador program revolves around 5 core attributes:

Operating Ola Regional Community Account — As an Ola Ambassador, you will be expected to operate a regional account on platforms like Twitter, Substack, Medium, etc for Ola. This is a crucial aspect of the program, as each region’s ambassador represents Ola and ensures that the Ola vision is communicated effectively to the local area.

Generating Content — Ola ambassadors play a crucial role in creating engaging content across various platforms — tweets, videos, graphics, blogs, podcasts — to expand Ola’s vision and innovations to a broader audience.

Organizing Events — Ola encourage ambassadors to plan, coordinate, and execute online and offline Ola events that have an impact and can increase awareness of Ola and promote engagement within the community. Consider organizing interactive sessions, such as Twitter Spaces, community AMAs, meet-ups, and conferences discussing the latest updates, breakthroughs, and possibilities that Ola offers.

Daily Engagement — Engage with users‘ inquiries and comments, utilizing threads, infographics, tweets, or videos to communicate your passion. Being with Ola, ambassadors are like the bridge between Ola and community members, relaying feedback and insights that can shape the platform’s future.

Ambassador Benefits

While this is a voluntary position, Ola Ambassadors are eligible for various rewards based on their performance:

  • Incentives: Ambassadors will be rewarded with 15~50 OVP based on the workload every month, which will include partial support, both peripheral and financial.
  • Showcase: Represent Ola in your local community. Gain official recognition as an Ola Ambassador and enjoy an enhanced social media presence.
  • Project: Participate in discussions on the development of the project, contribute ideas, grow with the project, and share the benefits of the growing ecosystem in the long term.
  • Early Access: Be among the first to experience Ola updates and testing. Receive exclusive news and updates.
  • Support: Receive training from the Ola team and access to resources to enhance your personal skills and achieve your goals.
  • Network: Network with industry leaders and build your own professional portfolio.

Our objective is to uphold adaptability and pertinence in ambassador engagement. Certain ambassadors may opt for exclusive online contributions, while others might concentrate on organizing in-person gatherings within their local communities. We recognize that each person has their unique approach to demonstrating support, hence eligibility and rewards will be evaluated individually, customized to suit each ambassador’s contributions.

If you’re a developer, students or university clubs looking to get involved, stay tuned for more details on Phase 2 of the Ola Ambassador Program.

Each ambassador will be granted a tenure of 3 months, which is extendable based on their contribution and engagement.

Why Ola Ambassador Program

Our mission with Ola is to construct a scalable platform that champions programmable privacy, granting users full ownership over their on-chain data. We also aspire to empower users to derive economic value from their own contributions and creative endeavors. We seeks to drive a similar level of enthusiasm among builders, users, and enthusiasts from day 1. So we are now poised to take the next significant stride in global scaling with the introduction of the Ola Ambassador Program.

The Ola Ambassador Program is being created to empower community members to act as representatives of Ola in their respective regions. This program will fortify the connection between the wider community and Ola, offering individuals the opportunity to effect positive change within their local ecosystems. This, in turn, will enable you to play an integral role in one of the most prominent ecosystems within Web3.

We’re extremely excited to enter this next chapter of community contribution to Ola. Join us to redefine the future with Ola. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Apply Now

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- Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and have no set expiration date
- Select Time: Our admins review applications weekly to ensure timely processing

Curious to see and hear what our current Ola Ambassadors have to say? Stay tuned for our upcoming article!


Ola is a ZKVM-based, privacy-focused, high-performance Layer 2 platform with a robust architecture that features programmable privacy, programmable scalability, and good developer compatibility. As a hybrid rollup, Ola provides developers with optional privacy, applicable to any type of smart contract. Ola is on a mission to help people gain complete control of their on-chain data and shape their unique web3 journey. If you’d like to join or partner with us, please write to <>.

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