Cores of Leadership

Alas! We have the leader inside of us, but why have we not realized this? It is because we lack the tenacity, courage and willingness to bring it out of us. Leadership is working through and with people in a group so as to achieve the common group goals. That means, it is imperative of us to exhibit an ideal level of interaction with ourselves and the people we are leading, as leaders building the ‘leds’ and getting them to achieve the common group goals are the best thing we can do, leaders are meant to build the led, then the ’leds’ will build all necessary resources to provide solutions to the problems of the group and create a mechanism for achieving the great goals of the group just like the words of the great business theorist and motivational orator Zig Ziglar “you don’t build a business, you build people, and then people build your business”. This is quite true of leadership because as leaders our business is the group we are leading.

The foremost inner core of leadership is self-knowledge, like the words of Socrates “man know thyself” this is best done by honestly analyzing ourselves, questioning ourselves like, am I phlegmatic? Am I friendly? Am I the type that judge people from what I heard about them from others? Do I like doing the work of other people? Do I like solving group problems? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves as leaders.

Examining the first question: am I Phlegmatic? As leaders it is not a good thing to be phlegmatic because we will make decision with fury deeply buried in our hearts, and the problem with such decisions is that they are going to make things go awry. This does not however means we need to do this at expense of our integrity, you only need to strike a balance between maintaining good relationships and our integrity.

The second question requires a yes, as a leader we need to be friendly as it makes us approachable to people; it makes them feel free to share their thoughts and ideas with us; this will greatly aid us in guiding the activities of the group.

It is something noteworthy that, as leaders we must not be the type that judge basically from what we heard from people about someone, we should rather have your own criteria for examining people, that means it is better to judge people from our own perspective, this doesn’t however mean our view is always right, but that it is safer and more reliable, while reminiscing on this I remember my first course in Logic where we were taught sophistical refutation, it is a kind of wise technique employed by some arguers, what they necessarily do is using fallacious and faulty arguments to discredit the good arguments, many people do this in practice by using lies to bury the truths in happenings, so as a leader you need to be value free to that.

Establishing a link between serving and leading is another essential, as Jesus declared that those who want to lead should serve first, that means servanthood-leadership is the best form of leadership, but that does not imply we as leaders have to do everything alone, but we must be able to do everything by ourselves through and with our people, and as such we must understand the concept of ‘core competency’ it is that thing they can do better than others, as a leader try to put people that are best fit for a task in handing the task and you will see that the task has taken care of itself, like some philosophers will say “put round pegs in round holes”.

Let us now move from endogeneous to exogenous cores of leadership, owning a group purpose or goal is the bedrock or call for leadership, the ‘primus interpare’ of the exogeneous essentials, managing your time, finance, emotions and relationships, appreciating other people by commending their good deeds and efforts are complements to it. In respect of time, as leaders we need to manage our time very well, because in real life we trade time for money so the more time you can create the more money you can get because work is effort plus time,

Finance should always be one of the things we think about in achieving the group goals, it is the blood of every group so manage it wisely, as leaders our people are the tickets to our success, we should not try to have access to their wealth but to their hearts because once we have the key to their hearts we have the key to all they have, our people are our friends, and without them we are not leaders.

Many people may be reading this with thoughts that this is meant for the leaders, unable to realize that deeply we are all leaders, either in our homes, business, organization, local community or the global village at large, as such we need to be acquainted with leadership skills because at one time or the other in our life we will be faced with the task of managing the goals and tasks of these groups of people.

Wrapping the thoughts up, everybody is a leader, it is just a matter of when and where, leadership cores are of two categories internal, which is based on self-knowledge and external which is based on exogenous threat and opportunities, it is expected of the smart leaders to turn the threats to strengths combining the group’s goals, people and finance for more group effectiveness and efficiency.

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