My tribute to my dad…

Daddy my daddy. My one and only papalet. My dad and my baby. My no 1 fan and caller. The one person I had to check in daily with; regardless of wherever I might be in the world. I have missed talking to you over the past few weeks. Been going to bed feeling like I had missed out something from my daily routine: calling you or receiving a call from you.

What can I say? I am very grateful you were my dad. I remember the NTA days when you borrowed money to pay my school fees. I remember our many fights when I was growing up. I remember how we became close when I became an adult. I remember how we used to tease each other; even when your health failed, you never lost your sense of humour.

I remember the first time you and I started this treatment journey in 2008 when we went for laser surgery on your eyes. I remember your love for Arsenal and how you loved us your sons so much that you even sympathised with us when your fierce rivals, Chelsea lost. I remember our cups of coffee. I remember how much joy you brought to everyone around you. I remember the values of discipline, accountability and honesty that you imparted in us.

Over the past few days, I discovered that while you were my biological dad, you were a father to many more sons and daughters. I remember how even in Ill health, you still had us as your number one priority. I remember how you always put us first. You were a family man through and through. Your biological family and your church family. I remember how you stopped calling me Dayo and started calling me D1. Daddy. I remember many things. But most of all, I remember your love for God.

You might have died at 64 but you died a fulfilled man. You walked your Jum Jum down the aisle and the look of fulfilment on your face that day is still my favourite memory from the wedding. You lived to see your 3 children graduate. You told me your last bucket list item was to be a grandfather and I thank God you lived to fulfil that. Your Deborah will grow up to learn what a great man her grandfather was. I thank God you talked to her and played with her just a few hours before you passed on.

Sleep well daddy. You fought a good fight. By God’s Grace, I will do my best to fill the gap the best I can. I love you daddy. My daily call partner!

Your son and friend