On becoming an Andela Fellow

part2…||The “CLI App” Challenge.

It has been 5 days since we started the boot-camp and it has been an Experience. I barely have had time to sleep or follow through with some excesses. I have kept it straight and the plan is just to make sure I am committed to excellence.

I built a Command line Interface(CLI) application and it is probably my first software application you can view here. It is a simple Application that uses a Github API. It receives an input which would be a “Username” linked to a Github Account and fetches all the information on the user. It is basic but can be piped into other applications and processed further. It has been the most challenging task up until now. I had to learn how to use an “http” client library (request for node), extend the functionality of my Application with “commander” (an npm package) NPM is N0de’s Package Manager. I was at one time advised by a very good friend, whom I owe a lot, to just follow the data i.e. implementing a design that can help you easily keep track of all your Inputs and your Outputs.

That was it for the command line application. I appreciate more the skill of asking thoughtful and leading questions in a whole new way. My identification of patterns and debugging skills went from “null” to “decent” and hopefully would become full-blown at the end of the boot-camp experience.

So up until now we have solved technical labs to ascertain the knowledge of programming logic, we have had to model an OOP class after a real-life scenario, learned the HTTP way of doing things and still ahead we have loads of other things but it has been fun and interesting to say the least. 
Looking forward to update you more and hopefully be reporting as an Andela Fellow.