Why we invested in ACCURE Battery Intelligence

The past 10 years can be called the inception of a battery-based society. Everything is powered by mobile energy storages — from laptops, to phones, to home storages charging a car. While these examples come from our everyday-lives, the meta-move to renewable energy by governments around the globe also requires more and more energy storage opportunities as well — because batteries can store energy from on-peak renewable energy and release it when it is more needed in central, decentralised and off-grid situations.

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The Situation

So, we all live in a world with more and more batteries. But what do we know about them? Not much, except for the fact that they age. And this fact points to the problem we are going to face: over time the storage capacity decreases. So does the performance and stability of all devices and services associated with them. Thinking of a 1990s Classic GameBoy an empty battery meant horror — but picturing an EV-ambulance car breaking down on the sideway becomes a real threat. So, what do we do about aging? We need to constantly measure it, need to be able to anticipate it and eventually act on it. …

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There are already countless articles and presentations with advice for startups in the corona crisis. …

Does it help to hang pictures of Elon Musk or Steve Jobs in the office? Or is it a remnant of pubertal behavior when people hung posters of Superman or pop singers in their children’s rooms between the ages of 12 and 15?

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I don’t know any people who could fly later. I don’t know of any leading entrepreneurs or managers who have a photo of Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch, Werner von Siemens, Karl Heinz Nixdorf or Hasso Plattner hanging in their offices.

Since I myself have a very critical attitude towards following role models, I wanted to get to the bottom of the matter and have produced an unrepresentative and non-scientific study. …


Olaf Jacobi

Venture Capital Investor and Managing Partner @capnamic, former repeat entrepreneur — focusing on B2B tech startups.

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