You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

How about saying thank you to all the men who made that possible… Because, let me tell you you sister, if men hadn’t agreed, in majority, to those rights you credit to “feminism”, when they happened, you wouldn’t have had them today. It’s nice to be a “feminist”. You can have something to be angry about, and feel like being angry has got some noble purpose. It doesn’t. I allows you to not do shit, and feel you’re doing something. Something that mostly has beed done decades ago. Without the anger and hysteria, then, when the issues were fought, that some feminists have now, when the huge battles have been long since over. Because those were battles fought by human kind (men and women) for the rights of a part of it (women), and not battles fought and women by women against men, which in addition to being a lie, is an almost demented, pernicious and most defensive attitude. And, no, we’re not equal. Nor do I ever want to be, with a woman. I am alright with being what I am. I wish women were alright being themselves, too. Particularly feminists.

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