Cough, cough, cough

My mother always say I am too cold especially on certain issues, my woman would wink at me to remind me of the need to say something. I have always disappointed them both for I believe that silence is golden especially when you sense that the devil is about to hijack a movement to further buttress his point, this I would not be a part of.

I have decided to break my silence and proffer solutions rather than ' naming and shading' or start a post on who is a rapist, who has being raped and if nudity aids raping. I have decided to write on the possible solutions in his article that I have titled:


1. RESPONSIBILITY; the African culture is rooted in its communal lifestyle but as we edge towards modernization, this aspect of our life has being eroded and no longer in use. It is said that it takes a community to raise a kid but now it takes a single parent or parent to raise one. We must be our brothers keepers, if you notice a suspecting movement of underage into a room and you not comfortable, you must investigate and take notes. We are all concerned but our culture of silence helps no one. Report any rapist and that includes family members.

2. ATTITUDE; there is no justification for rape even if she or he is naked or underage. Our attitude towards rape will help to determine how serious we are about solving this social menace. It should not be condoned nor any justifications be made for it.

3. PROSECUTE; harder sanctions for rapist would signal the right sign as well as our intolerance to such action.

4. EVALUATION; my woman and I had a debate on the excessive use of make up as a signal to the fast eroding confidence of our ladies( debate still on). I feel it is pathetic how much we have lost our values as a tribe and as a people. We must take our lives, values into evaluation to determine what we are missing and possible block of loop holes.


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