Starting off at the beginning: A Web 1.0 Guestbook for Web 3.0

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Back when the internet was called the information superhighway and you got an AOL CD-ROM with every cereal box the most popular place on the world wide web was GeoCities, a service which allowed the lay person to have their own website. GeoCities personified the early era of the web when nobody really knew what it was going to be good for.

Web 1.0 in all its glory.

Ethereum is in a similar place where people are building things with it but that killer app that will make it exploded into the mainstream has not materialized yet. Everyone agrees that it’s super cool but if you ask them if they are using any ÐAPPs they will probably answer that they are not. That doesn’t make Ethereum useless anymore than the web was useless back in 1996 when it looked like its only purpose was to serve up seizure inducing gifs.

I think the key to get Ethereum from enthusiasts technology to essential technology is allow as many people as possible to have a stake in the platform, what GeoCitites did for Web 1.0. So to start of Web 3.0 at the beginning I decided to make one of the most popular interactive components of Web 1.0, a personal guestbook on Web 3.0.

Remaining faithful to the Web 1.0 aesthetic on Web 3.0.

The ÐAPP guestbook serves two purposes, it’s simple, the contract is only 28 lines of Solidity and it’s personal, everyone can deploy their own and start familiarizing themselves with the Ethereum platform.

The code and instructions can be found at If you want to sign my guestbook just browse to :).