Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth ―Marcus Aurelius CREDITS ON FOOTER


CPU: Stands for Central Processing Unit, yet regarding our brain, it refers to our Limbic System: Completely Primitive Unconscious

OS: Stands for Operating System in computers. Organized Screener in our case, one of the many executive functions of the Prefrontal Cortex

I/O: (Input/Output) monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. help CPUs interact, as our sensory receptors (eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, skin, etc.) help us

CODE: Contains the commands that computers follow. We get fed these from infancy, via sounds, colors, flavors, aromas, etc. to set what stimuli spur enough dopamine in our brain to keep us coming back for more

FOUR STATES OF HEALTH: Cerebral, Physical, Financial and Social


Imagine our brains as servers powering a +7 billion network, where culture is a server-code and language can only code content. Question: If a group of coders became aware of this design, would they tell us? Or would they focus on coding “cultural illusions” to steer the rest of us in favor of their own destiny?


Many of the foods and habits said to prolong our health might be harmful or at best useless over time. For instance, when it comes to:

Nutrition: Keeping our brain healthy depends on this factor more than any. Yet, as shown in Hack the Matrix, it is difficult to change our fate in this area, unless we realize our senses were bred since young, to crave foods bearing no nutritional value and high odds of triggering irreversible cell-damage

Exercise: Most of us think of it as a way of counteracting the effects of unhealthy eating habits, a notion fueling our yearning for useless gear. For instance, as posted in Huarache Runners and explained by Chris McDougall (Appendix B), the larger the gap between our soles’ nerve endings and the surface we run on, the higher the potential for injury


Linked below are 3 concepts that provide long-range perspective on what truly underlies financial matters


Social interaction follows rules of engagement established by our animal brain’s perceived social status. Thus, optimizing our “net protocol” rests on identifying, committing to, and incorporating high-rank behavior code, despite unique constraints

PICTURE: “Acrylic Brain in Times Square.”Against a background of Times Square lights, alighted skull (bottom right) turns invisible -combined from Times Squarebyemanuele brescianiand Acrylic Brain by jesse orrico.

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