Bag your bad Attitude

Attitude is paramount in achieving personal fulfillment. Attitude is 100% of everything you do. A good attitude begins with self-awareness, knowing yourself and understanding what drives your attitude & emotions is the first step to self control.

You need to identify through self-awareness the attitudes that hold you back or propel you forward. You need a positive approach to all situations. Negative comments shouldn’t be allowed to hold impact your performance.

Furthermore, you can monitor your inner dialog to fight off a negative attitude and don’t let someone else says affect you negatively.

Remember, if you get attitude downsized, it will cost you a lot of things like your friends, job, your image, what people think about you e.t.c. Attitude sometimes is what shapes your destiny.

Do you become easily angered or impatient for reasons you don’t understand? Do others tell that sometimes you overreact? Do you tend to ask yourself why you are so angry? So upset? So offended?

Your attitude is your gratitude. Your gratitude determines your altitude and over you go in life. Monitor your emotions and judge their potential impact because bad attitude leads to bad choices

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