3 Letter Abbreviation

It was around April last year, I had just stepped out of my second appointment with the doctor. He had confirmed that I had it. It was just the other day I heard about this for the first time from my friend , whose name is similar to the office I held in college. His mum had this for years and was diagnosed just some days ago. As I pulled on my cigarette , I looked up to the night sky sighed and said “ hmm” .

For some months, I have been not getting sleep, I use to wake up every hour and take some time to get sleep again. I use to think it was due to the current state of my mind I am not getting sleep. Jokingly I even thought that I should take up an alternate career of a watchman. Since my walking hours had increased, it also increased on to the count of my sticks. There is a lot happening with me ,which was adding a lot to my consumption of alcohol and nicotine. Finally, my freaking lifestyle had caught up with me.

The E&T Specialist had just confirmed to me that I had OSA. Obstructive Sleep Disorder or Sleep Apnoea. Yet another 3 letter abbreviation for a fancy disease I thought. In Simple terms, when I sleep my muscles in my throat collapse ,cutting off air , chocking me thus I wake up. All this melodrama happens while I am sleeping. Now the serious part is if not rectified , I could simply die in my sleep or get an heart attack. Now my test results showed that I had Chronic Sleep Apnoea.

Now , I enquired from the doctor, how do I get rid of this. He mentioned that I will need a CPAP machine, a machine which has mask like Bane from the Batman series, which pumps oxygen directly into my lungs as I sleep , thus there is no obstruction to my windpipe and get proper sleep. He quickly recommended that I should try one of them out and hooked me up with the same guy who did my sleep study tests. I will have use this machine daily to sleep, even carry it around wherever I go. As a trial offer , the guy gave me to use the machine for a week. I use to look like bane at nights, all starapped on, but have used it for 3 days.

What else is can I do doctor?

He said , you can get it rectified by surgery. Oh nice I thought, how much for the surgery , he mentioned not much just 2 Lacs. He even offered to hook me up with the guys who he had performed this surgery upon and could approach them for constructive feedback.

The doctor did mention , the toughest way to getting rid is changing your life style.

What happened next … is another story.