Bees Saal Baad.


It was a warm humid day in Kottayam , I guess it was a Friday .The year was 1996 . Nagampadam grounds is where our college sports use to happen , it is where our cricket tournament was happening.

It was a game between senior n juniors , we the juniors were batting , and I was facing Shamsheer, the left hand spinner. It was a flighted ball, and I being just a cross batter with no talent at all swong the bat and missed.

The ball missed the bat and hit my exposed groin , bling I heard in my mind , two bells rang loudly in my mind too. Pain was unbearable. I was retired hurt. Walked into the dug with no clue what to do, rubbing my groin. The pain was unbearable. Close by Suku was smoking a cigarette, I asked for a drag from him.

Pulled on the Willis, that I when I had my first puff of a cigarette, I did not cough, was always told that you will cough on your first smoke. As I did not I pulled more, that made me a smoker.

Rested I rejoined team to field in the second section , I blowed to Shamsheer and got him out. It was my revenge . We won the game , I brought a pack of menthol cigarettes and went on to watch Apollo 13, the Tom Hanks movie.

Twenty years later, I was still smoking , brands had changed over the years , so had the number of cigarettes in a day. I started my day with a smoke and usually ended with one. It had become a necessity , I was addicted to it, by body was showing signs of abuse, my skin was pale , and overall I was feeling dull n low. Smoking was an excuse . My body was subtle signs , I was not paying heed. My health was at the lowest . Fat, Obesse, Unhealthy, I was doing all that should not be done.

Chance visit to the doctor and tests revealed I have OSA, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. The doctor suggested various remedies , exercise, surgery, using a Cpap machine. I asked the doctor exercise would be the easiest, he laughed and said it is the hardest.

Stepping out of the hospital , I smoked n thought what should I do. I kept thinking the next day too, post evening I smoked by last cigarette and have not smoken one since a year.

That was on April 25 , 2016

Over the year I was tempted during various times ,but I held strong did not succumb . I have even dreamt of smoking in my dreams and have felt disappointed of falling of the Wagon.

However , I am mighty proud of what I have achieved till now.

May the force be with me.