In Memory of

Mercy or Ammachi who we fondly call her was born on 24th April, 1931 into the Akkara family in Ollur Trichur. She was the eldest of 3 siblings, she has two younger brothers.

Ammachi was married to M.G Joseph or Kochu Chettan on 19th July, 1949 and they soon made Jamshedpur their beloved home, they had 2 daughters and 5 sons, and subsequently 12 grandchildren..

Ammachi was very actively involved in the social & cultural activities of malayalees, besides being my grandmother , i will always fondly remember her for her culinary skills . She will always be the best cook for me. Her special ingredient was always Love.

On behalf of the Mampilly Family, I would like to thank you for coming to bid her farewell and request you to always remember her in your prayers.