More to Love than Luxury

I could really spend all day with you.

Doing nothing, yet doing everything.

I don’t mind not having anything, because I have you.

To me, that is the world

He spoils me with the best, He takes me all around the city;

But I could only look forward to the luxury.

Luxury, the one I longed for.

Luxury, the one I later realized to be inconsequential.

Most nights, I lay on my bed,

Thinking, Wondering, Soliloquizing,

The difference in the amount of joy I derive with You and with Him.

I could only imagine, and I realize it is that which should not even be compared.

It is glaring.

Luxury, the one I soon realized, comes naturally.

Luxury, the one I understood to be what you think it to be.

Luxury, the one I understood to be what you make of it.

My love, life only makes sense with you.

With you, I have made sense of love.

With you, I am capable of expressing how I feel.

You are an extension of myself.

Isn’t that phenomenal?

You are my Luxury.

My Essential Luxury.