Some of us live in fear,

Some of us in despair,

Some of us with damage have become a pair,

Some of us, the things we love, we’ve lost the flair.

Some of us have damaged others beyond repair,

Some of us will never shed a tear,

Some of us question why we’re here;

Year after year,

Some of us should not be here,

Some of us should be in hell.



And so I’m forced to ask;

Why do terrible things deserve doing,

And no means of undoing?

Why did we invent penances?

Why can we feel free of sin?

Sins against fellow mortals


While the memories give cold hugs

Why’s the death the wage of sin?

For it offers aught not,

The reparation we all deserve.

Shall we all die?


Let death take me

When it’s earned me



“The ride to Atlanta is about 2 hours from my home in Georgia, tops! But I don’t do that often, maybe once or twice a month”

The year is 2021, it’s 2:30 in the morning, I’m watching MKBHD to distract me from the ulcer pangs I’m feeling (even though they’re so bad I’m scared I’ll burp blood, again).

I’m thinking of how to get to work earlier and not spend four hours on the road everyday or at least, how to not be distraught for an additional two hours after these trips.

4 hours of sleep, less food, less water, less sunlight — I’m scared I’m shrinking, I’m scared of COVID, I’m scared of rogues and beggars, I’m scared of nearly everything.

Life feels like trying to develop a 3D model of a mannequin with endoskeleton on a UNIVAC 1107.

But I’m Batman, driving a TESLA