Cultural Institutions will have to change. [Infogr.]

This article describes why the art of curation becomes increasingly important in a world of digital.

2011 I was a part of KulturVision 2030 that was City of Stockholm’s effort with their Vision of the Future. I was commissioned to write my vision but the graphs below was something I did as research, that never was sent along with the shorter text.

The difference from 2011 is not big. Most of it still apply.

Today more young people than ever see themselves as creatives and photographers. Posting loads of information to Facebook & Instagram everyday.
Many people get introduced to Technology at birth today.
Kids don’t play outside that much anymore.
Before there was a limit in how many pictures you would take with your camera. Film rolls was expensive. Today it’s no limits.
Number of people working the the industry is declining every year.
Soon everyone is connected.
The last years good cameras became smaller and available to everyone.
The Long tail. Some images get maximal exposure through mass media but many pictures are only expose a few times for example in a facebook feed.
More people are making art but the institutions are not matching the growth.

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