A Dapp is a software appreciate that runs on a distributed network and hosted by a peer-to-peer decentralized network. A Dapp is just like any other software appreciations which are been used, this can be a website or any other Apps on your phone. But what makes Dapp different is that it is built on a decentralized Network like Ethereum.
As the crypto world is getting bigger so also is the risk involved. Crypto involving buying, trading and making profits and protecting ones asset's is the goal of The Dapp list. The Dapp list is created to explore the Web3 application powered by the community governance and helps the community authorities to deliver a trustworthy source for a newbabies and rewards them for every positive contribution. The Dapp list is manifesting a platform that will curate decentralized appreciations which will less by a multi-chain governance and also provide a platform for developers and early-stage project that can directly connect to the community where their ideas will be implemented and build with the partners to grow.
The native token symbol for The Dapp list is $WISE which is transferable and plays a significant role in the function and futures of The Dapp list ecosystem, it is represent by ERC-20 with a Decimals 18 and a total supply of 200,000,000.
$WISE acts as a fuel to the overall products of the Dapp list.
*Curation:- $Wise will be used in the selection and organization of Dapps and gets rewards in return with token and Reputation. The Reputation will then be used to unlock various levels of NFTs there by paving ways for tokens to be stake.
**Staking :- This will help the community to lock up LP tokens and earn reward without the fear of loosing their tokens

*** NFT minting :- Minting is done by sending a transaction of NFTs that represents reputation which can be minted while locking your tokens, there are several blockchain that supports the standard NFTs tokens some of which are
Binance smart chain
Note that once NFT is minted it is most impossible to transfer them or sell. The Dapp list deals mostly with Ethereum which is the most popular hub for NFTs because it is more affordable when it comes to transaction fees.

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