EveryOne’sGotTalent — Where have You Been?

Kevin Skinner, auditioning for America’s Got Talent 2009

One talent story that got my attention is that of a 35 year old farmer who in 2009 decided to audition for the fourth season of America’s Got Talent. Coming on stage dressed in baggies with his face cap turned backwards, he introduced himself as “chicken catcher”. Yes you heard that right, he has been catching chicken most of his life, but all that was about to change in a moment. After his audition performance of which he sang Ronan Keating’s — “If Tomorrow Never Comes” in a unique country style. He left the judges in awe as they were all marveled. The rest as they say is history. He went through to the finals and later won the competition with a 1 million dollar cash prize.

Patrick Kevin Skinner went from being a “chicken catcher” to being the winner of America’s got talent. Yes that’s not news anymore, the question is, Where has he been? if he didn’t come out on time, he could have died a farmer and a very poor one at that.


Like Kevin Skinner, so many people do not have a clue what would happen the moment they let go of there fears and release their gift to the world. Some have an uneding passion for singing, writing, dancing, painting, photography, film making and so on, but for reasons best known to them or situations beyond their control, they are occupied with activities that rarely brings joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Kevin Skinner didn’t have passion for catching chicken neither did he enjoy it, but he had to do it anyway, until he got tired and decided to let his talent speak for him. What about you? What are you waiting for? where have you been? The world is waiting for you, don’t waste time any more.

If tomorrow never comes and all you have is today to prove to the world that you’re more than this, what would you do? C’mon get out there, let it all out, the world is your stage. Everyone’s got talent, you are not an exception.

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