Email Marketing: How I Built Email List of Over 7,000 Subscribers in a Day!

Email Marketing has been a lifesaver for me in recent months, though I don’t like writing about it. I feel Email Marketing as a topic is quite exhausted and don’t see anything fresh to talk about in it.

But, each time I mentioned how I built my subscriber list of over 7k LinkedIn contacts, my students then looked curious.

After a couple of such sessions, I found the need to do this self-explanatory blog post to share with you how you can build your own email list of over 10k subscribers,if you have the resources required.

Is Email Marketing Strategy Worth it?

Email Marketing strategy can be a cliché. I mean how effective will it be if I share my best email tactics with you, hoping you will copy and paste it?

Without wasting too many words, let me go straight into how you can build a subscriber list fast, in a cost-effective way.

Apart from how I built the 7k email list, there are several other ways people build their subscriber list.

One common method of list building is newsletter on blogs or website. People publish and promote great content. Then, they ask readers to subscribe in order to get content delivered to their inbox.

Some people entice audience to subscribe with mouth-watering offer. It could be video, ebook, webinar, discount on product or service.

These two methods of building email list are cool. But, how much resources and time you have to commit to it really influences your result.

Regarding the method I promised to share with you, it does not take long. It will not cost you a dime, if you already have an active LinkedIn profile. You will export your LinkedIn contacts information, among which their email list will be.

Email Marketing Strategy for Building Email List Fast

Step 1: Click on My Network on Your LinkedIn profile

Step 2: Go to Connections on your LinkedIn profile, click on See All.

Step 3: Click on Manage Synced and Imported Contacts, close to top right corner

Step 4: Go to Advanced Options, click on Export Contacts, close to bottom right corner

Step 5: Go to Choose the Format You Prefer, click on Fast file plus other data

Step 6: Check your registered email with LinkedIn for Link to Download Contact

Step 7: Clean up the email list and save as .csv or recent Excel version on your Computer

Step 8: Create a List in Mailchimp, or your prefered Email platform

Step 9: Name List accordingly, export Email List from your Computer

Step 10: When you send email, remember to tell where you got their email from

If you follow these steps properly, you should have created an email list of your active LinkedIn connections by the end.

REMEMBER: email marketing is permission-based. The permission you got before sending your LinkedIn contacts email using this method was that they accepted to be your contact or connection.

This means you could reach out to them, at least for business or work-related purpose.

Nonetheless, be careful with emails you send to contacts like this. It is important to be engaging, prioritize adding value or provide truly exclusive offers.

Email Marketing tips for effective campaign

  • Make Sender Name as familiar as possible
  • Use actionable email title
  • Always use short but catchy preview text
  • Don’t be too salesy, add value
  • Don’t use many CTAs, one or two are preferable.
  • Use different text formats -bold, italic, clickable text
  • Address receiver by name

Take this to the bank. You just build yourself a good email list of familiar community of professionals and colleagues. Hope you find this helpful.

Originally published at on August 15, 2017.