Una gringa en Barranquilla

La Popular

Alberto: ¿Eres la nueva roomate de Lau? Me: Sip. Alberto: Pensé que eras gringa. Me: Pues, soy de Milwaukee… Alberto: Oh so you are a gringa! ahaha.

Yes yes. I am a proud Nigerian American embarking on a new journey here in Barranquilla, the capital of the Atlántico region in Colombia. I’m definitely a novice since I’ve only been here a whooping total of four days, but I’m slowly learning to love this city. Walking around I feel as if I’ve walked into another realm. The buildings around me are either being demolished or reconstructed; the people are speaking at the speed of light and comiendo las palabras; the heat wraps itself around me as if I am a swaddling newborn; and I am everyone’s amiga.