*Job vs work II*

*Career trade offs*

I wrote yesterday on the differences between a job and one life’s work. I explained that the secret to finding fulfillment in one’s career is to create or pursue a career along the line of one’s life work or purpose.

In the course of my work helping professionals clarify their career goals and inspiring them to take massive action in the direction of their dreams and aspirations. One very typical scenario and dilemma many professionals find themselves is deciding if quitting a job that pays their bills to pursue their dreams is a worthwhile adventure. This often means that they quit an averagely to high paying job to work for free or intern somewhere they will be paid less or even have to spend to learn.

This issue can be more complex especially for people who have a lot of dependents e.g. a married men with children, first born with many siblings whose is an orphan or a single mum. These are real life issues and they are always not as easy to navigate as some other career issues.

So it is usually a choice between survival and going after your dreams, between self-centeredness and shouldering responsibility, delayed gratification and long term fulfillment. It is a tough one, with varying degree of toughness depending on individual peculiarities.

The real issue here is how we navigate situations as this, with bills to pay. How does one balance the demands of his/her dreams and desires with present economic realities?

It is an option between going after my dreams and being broke until I figure it out to a point of financial gain or do I stay on the job that gives me financial gains and deny myself of the fulfillment and joy of living my dreams.

Tonight I am choosing not to impose my thoughts about this, I want to hear you. Kindly drop your comments.

You can also share and let’s have as many perspectives to this issue as possible.

Mamora Olaoluwa