How I started programming and loved it

I didn’t obviously start programming from 8 years or 12 years like some programming prodigies. I initially did not have interest in programming (or I did not have any idea of what it was about). As a high school kid, I was good at mathematics.

In my primary school, before I entered 6th grade[Primary six or basic six], I was not really good at maths but I didn’t suck at it either.
 In my 6th grade, the school organized a group of students for the purpose of learning mathematics aside from the normal subjects we had [I was part of those students obviously]. We started each day of school by memorizing mathematical formulas[that was pretty stressful but really very helpful]. There wasn’t a real lesson per say, it was more of problem and solving and when the pupils (we) could not solve the problems (which happened most times 😁), the teacher then solves them and explains the solutions. That was the way I and the others learnt mathematics (probably the most effective way 👌). That way we finished the mathematics textbook for 7th to 9th grade (JSS1 to JSS3) [WHAT A SAVAGE PRIMARY SCHOOL].

Because I thought I was going to be a mathematician. 😒

Back to the main story.

After writing JAMB, WAEC and other exams necessary for the graduating class in high school. Although I had earlier chose COMPUTER ENGINEERING AS FIRST CHOICE IN UNIVERSITY in the jamb application form, I somehow changed it to COMPUTER SCIENCE 😎 in my application form when I was applying to my first choice university [Covenant University] because of my counselor then (Still don’t know why I agreed).

😟 FINE!!!.

I got admitted into Covenant University to study computer science so obviously that was the first reason I started programming. But joining Computer Science was not strong enough to make me love programming.
 In my first year, I was really confused with the whole programming thing to the extent that I did not know that coding and programming were the same thing 🤣.I started by watching YouTube videos on what programming was about and the whole concept of coding, programming and computers in general. Then I started discovering that programming was not so hard especially after watching the video of Mark Zuckerberg talking about how he started programming. So I started by learning basics of PASCAL (Its still funny to me how PASCAL got into my laptop then), then I started understanding few concepts of programming languages like variables, functions, loops etc.

Yeeeee… 😏… NOT YET.

My whole year one was for discovering the whole concept of programming and finding out if liked it or not.
 Yeah I totally loved it !!!. In the summer after the first year I learnt web development using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.
 After that experience, I became obsessed.
 The main thing that helped me was the fact that I loved what I was doing…..

Name of the savage primary school is Flora Nursery & Primary Schools and I’m not a maths freak anymore.

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