I Designed Delicia, A RESTFUL API

- List of task activities.
- My POSTMAN environment.

Challenges While learning 😞

  • The first error I encountered was at the beginning of the project. While setting up my development environment, I decided to update Git on my local machine. For some reason, it failed as I got the error; .NET Framework 4.7.2 has not been installed because: HRESULT 0x800f0922. I tried almost every solution posted online for the error message, but none did work on my local machine. My solution was to install a lower/previous version of Git.
  • I had some challenges with typescript express typings, for example, I couldn’t access request methods such as the req.user directly as I would in common js, and I had to explicitly declare the typing for express “Request” and “xss-clean” module. Here is a StackOverflow solution that helped.
  • Another was while trying to push my repository to Heroku, I encountered an error:! [rejected] main -> main (non-fast-forward). Thankfully, there is an answer to the same error question on StackOverflow.
  • Lastly, I had a bit of a tough time figuring out why my typeScript code didn’t compile to javaScript after deploying to Heroku. I had read that Heroku automatically runs the /build” folder but didn’t have the idea that I have to also configure the “build” and postinstall” scripts in the package.json. After much pondering and head-scratching, I found a StackOverflow answer.



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